We all search for health and happiness in our external environment thinking that these are realitiy available in outside world. However THIS QUEST IS TOTALLY IN THE WRONG DIRECTION. We are directed and controlled by our own thoughts and emotions which reside in one-self. Here in the modern day times when we are looking for prevention learning, @ THE HEALING HANDS, We help you to achieve the same by our specialized services and hand-on trainings.

Workshops for self empowerment

And healing with understanding and awareness

Inner child self work programme (online)

Your experiences of traumas are not in your conscious but subconscious mind!!!

1 month intensive programme on “Inner Child- Self Work”

This is a self-work programme where an individual will be able to bring out one’s real self.

  • Do you know how our life is effected due to the trauma or a distressing event in the past?
  • Have you been through an event in past which keeps you stuck somewhere?
  • Do you think that closing the door/ repressing the emotions attached with an event can effect to make your life better ? No, repression is not healing.

We in this programme of “Inner Child” help you find answers to all these questions and many more.

In this programme, we go through a journey of eight different stages where we help go deep inside your consciousness, open the inner child, find the part that is frozen and bring it up to heal it. Thereafter, teaching to handle the trauma and healing it.

Heal your yesterday for better today and tomorrow. (8 Webinars spread over 8 weeks) Worksheets, Daily Activities, Meditations

Once a week (rest of the week self work at your convenience)

Mystic beats

A 5 days therapeutic workshop for solving any one of your issues along with the awareness on
What is mind? How are habits and patterns made? What is our soul journey. What is MY life path? Why do we behave the way we behave.
Who are our karmic teachers and soul support.
Other than these understandings, we do the individual therapies for each participant through age regression, void identification, hypno-drama and past life regression etc.


Mind and soulful relationships (online)

To understand, improve and heal ones inter-intra relationships with family, friends and colleagues.
TOM, Paris Window, Parataxic Distortion, Mass Hypnodrama, Triggers, Why these relationships come in our life?, What is soul contract?, Flip Model, Suggestibility and Sexuality, Emotions Cleansing, Meditations.
Therapies and understanding relationships intellectually, socially, emotionally, psychologically and karmically.
Individual counselling included.

DURATION- 2 days

Soul awakening (online):

Identify and recognize the underlying emotional and spiritual reasons for the presenting issues.
Assist the participants to understand and accept a more empowering mindset and belief systems to resolve their physical, emotional, relationship , financial issues through mind, body and soul.

DURATION: 4 days

Spiritual mentoring (online):

One ​on one sessions with Ms. Neerja Handa for all those who are seeking answers to deeper questions of life. Completely private sessions. DURATION: As you wish…

Spiritual parenting- know your kid (online)

One day theoretical workshop on modern day kids.
Stages of development of subconscious mind.
Strength and weakness at different stages
Soul journey of your child
Rainbow and crystal children


Words of wisdom (wow) (online):

“Words of Wisdom”, is a one-of-a-kind online interactive webinar, the idea of which came about from a random set of Ms. Neerja’s students who were craving for guidance in times of “Lockdown”. They wanted to talk to someone they trust, who could help them in understanding and decoding the mystery behind the Universe’s interventions & sudden changes in all of their external and internal environment.
This Webinar is thus, an opportunity for us to ask her all the questions we want to, on solving our Life’s puzzles, or even Cases that we are dealing with as Therapists. In her answers, will be the wisdom we yearn for.

DURATION: 3 hrs. (each 3rd Sunday of the month)

Success (online)

A day long programme for students. Class 8th to competitive examinations.
We focus on Students….lack of concentrations and focus, less retaining and recalling power, preparing for competitive exams, examination anxiety, etc. There are regression therapies, emotional empowerment techniques and meditations to polish their own potential.

DURATION….10 AM -5.30 PM

Forgiveness healing

Learning to forgive and understanding why it is important to forgive not only others but also oneself. Techniques and tools to forgive.

Duration- 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM

To get complete information write to : [email protected]

Call: 9811157333

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