What are chakras

What are chakras

Our body has a complex system of energy pathways known as meridians and chakras. The energy flowing through these pathways can become disrupted or blocked, due to our thoughts, belief systems or pre- programming, leading to physical or emotional imbalances.

These chakras can affect our body parts or body organs. There are more than 148 such chakras on our physical body.

How are chakras formed?

Physical body is encircled by an electromagnetic field. It’s also protected by the energy of mother earth to help us survive on this earth. Where ever these two energies overlap each other, the density becomes stronger and these junctions are called major chakras. MAJOR CHAKRAS are formed where several Nadis meet at the Meridian. Each major chakra also has their own seven chakras to help them function properly. These are known as supporting (minor) chakras.

The Nadis also intercept each other away from the meridian. These are known as micro chakras.

How are chakras formed?
How are chakras healed?

How are chakras healed?

Energy psychology approaches seek to address these imbalances by using techniques such as finding the core belief and changing it by chord-cutting, affirmations and intention to restore the flow of energy through these pathways. By working with the body’s energy system, individuals may experience relief from physical and emotional symptoms.

The growing body of research that supports the effectiveness of energy psychology techniques have shown that above techniques can reduce anxiety, depression, and other emotional symptoms, physical issues, financial, career, relationship issues as well.

How can complete chakra knowledge help us?


Keen on studying about chakra balancing and healing? What are chakras? How they affect your health? What blocks them? How to assess them? Learn all this and more, about 140 power centres, with our course –

This programme is wonderful for therapists of any modality, because it takes you directly to the core issue of your client. This is also a complete healing modality for freshers too.

Come and empower yourself and your clients.

How can complete chakra knowledge help us?

Takeaways from the Workshop

The major 12 chakras and their colours, sound, symbols, crystals, and their function.
The physiological relationship with chakras and glands.
The development of chakras at different Ericsonian stages in the human body.
The 7 chakras of each chakra.
Total 148 minor/supporting chakras, their functions and thoughts behind them.
The use of a pendulum to determine the affected chakra point.
Checking the chakras of your working space.
Understanding the relationship through chakras.
Daily meditation with the sound of chakras.

Who should learn it

1. All those who are ready to bring the shift in their life, willingly.
2. Coaches, Therapists, Energy healers, Alternate medicine healers, Card readers, for whom accurate diagnoses of the core issue of their client in first 20 minutes of interaction is very important.
3. For parents, corporate leaders and worker, business people who wish to know their life purpose, life plan and life theme.
4. All those who wish to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally in their career, relationships, social life, and mental health .

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