Soul Group Constellations

You are invited to experience the unique experiential process of Soul Group Therapy !

Anyone Come and Join or Just be a Spectator of this divine experience!

What is Soul Group Therapy ?

Soul Group therapy is an experential process of releasing hidden and exposed tensions within relationships and personalities, health, work, love, career, money or any other issues of life which we carry from generations after generations consciously or unconsciously.

This healing work is for anyone interested in resolving serious issues, relieving suffering, and finding a solid foundation for a new direction in their lives.

Soul Group Therapy is a highly effective phenomenological process, experienced at a deeply felt emotional and energetic level, which can lead to long-term and often life changing results.

This work reveals the hidden patterns and entanglements that disrupt the natural flow of love from generation to generation. These unseen family entanglements are often found behind many personal, professional, and even health-related issues. By restructuring these imbalances and bringing harmony to the life, we also restore the flow of love, health, money, relationships and work to our lives.

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