Ms. Neerja Handa

Neerja Handa is a renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Past Life Regression Therapist & Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainer by profession and also an expert in Redikall Consciousness Healing, Tarot Card Reader, Theta-healer, Soul Group Constellation facilitator. Ms. Handa started her journey in Mind Sciences way back in 2009 with California Hypnosis Institute of India (CHII) now known as EKAA- Integrated CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY INSTITUTE. Since then Ms. Neerja has been one of the best Clinical Hypnotherapists and Senior Facilitator for Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy course certified by ISO awarded EKAA institute. It is noteworthy to state that Ms. Neerja has been awarded ‘Best Hypnotherapy Trainer’ for 4 consecutive years i.e. 2014-2018. Ms. Neerja has taken more than 152 workshops for Clinical Hypnotherapists and has trained more than 844 Clinical Hypnotherapists in the country who are doing well in their personal and professional lives. Ms. Neerja is also a graduate and practitioner for Transpersonal Regression Therapy (Tasso Institute, Netherlands) and also a facilitator for Redikall consciousness healing modality.

To add to her credits Ms. Handa is Director of The Healing Hands, New Delhi. The institution trains people to use their power of subconscious mind which is lying latent by forming much personalized training in groups whereby the theory is taught along with the practical implementation of the same. The Healing Hands provides professional courses for Psychologists, Counselors, Therapists and all those who wish to become Professional Therapists. The Healing Hands also works for self-empowerment courses for all those who wish to balance their lives and empower themselves.

Ms. Handa is passionate about promoting Spirituality through a scientific approach, which is visible through her self- empowerment courses like Inner Child Self Work Programme, Spiritual Mentoring, Soul Awakening, Mind and Soulful Relationships and Spiritual Parenting. Ms. Neerja also facilitates WOW (Words of Wisdom) programme every month that witnesses global participation in huge numbers.

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